Astra Militarum Vostroyan army - Unboxing -

Last year at the end of December, Games Workshop announced that for one week only was going to put on sale the entire range of miniatures of the Vostroyan army.

It was very tempting. The only doubt I had was if Games Workshop made those miniatures from metal or resin. And without thinking twice, I got some of them. In reality, I bought at least one of each model. 

A few days ago, the package arrived. To my surprise, Games Workshop made all the miniatures from metal, and without delay, here is the unboxing.

The vostroyan command squad is still in the box.

Here we see two snipers, a heavy bolter team, and an officer.

Another officer with a power sword.

This is the big box of the package, a vostroyan platoon.

In the box's interior, we can see a lot of miniatures.

Here are a lascannon team, a mortar team, and a grenade launcher.

Infantry squad.

More infantry squad.

And last, here we have a medic and three casualties miniatures.

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