Happy New Year 2022!!!!

Happy New Year 2022!!!!

At the beginning of a new year,  we all start with many resolutions or ideas of what we want to accomplish and, in my case, is no exception. I have many ideas and projects, so if you want to know what is going to be the future of this blog and know some statistics of what I did last year, I invite you to keep reading. 

After the two more difficult years of my life to this date and having lost one of the most important persons in my life, I have been thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life and, more precisely, how to really enjoy my hobby. One of my conclusions was that our lives are too short to do only things that make us unhappy.  So this year has to be the beginning of great things in my life and in my hobby.

The first thing I want to do and is something I was thinking about for a very very long time, is to take my blog to the next level and is to start making videos and upload them on platforms like YouTube, and the other thing is to publish more frequently.

The idea behind making videos, posting on this blog and uploading photos on Instagram, and so on, is to tell a story, or how I like to name it: "an Adventure". These Adventures are going to be conformed of one or more videos with one post or photos on social media and they are going to be in English and Spanish so I can reach more audiences. 

While I was writing this post, I was working on my first video so wish me luck. 

Finally, I will give you some statistics of what I did in 2021.

Painted miniatures: 16

Pile of shame: 2000+ (these include miniatures, wargame terrain, and scale models)

Blog posts: 2

Instagram posts: 4

Facebook post: 1

And last but not least, once again, I wish you a happy new year 2022. Thanks for taking some of your time to read this post, and wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!

See you soon.


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